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Pinehearst's Finest
Scott Mitchell
Recent Entries 
13th-Feb-2009 09:48 am - The Most Dangerous Game
Unwelcome News
Characters: Scott Mitchell, Knox Washington, Jesse Murphy
Date and Time: TBA
Location: New Orleans, LA
About: Alone and wounded behind in enemy territory, things go from bad to worse for Scott.
Rating: R, because you can't spell 'fear' without an 'R.'

In the urban jungle, a different predator reigns...Collapse )
10th-Jan-2009 11:15 am - The Jarheads Are Here
Characters: Scott Mitchell, Eloise Baker, Chris Apollo, David Sullivan, Ryan Hanover
Date and Time: 10:15 A.M, date sometime in July
Location: Field Gymnasium; Field Facility, Calero Island
About: 'Astra's Army' assembles for its first mission.
Rating: PG-13

Failhearst's Marines they're not...Collapse )
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